Everything you need to know for your Paint Party


Heck Yes! Paint and sip parties are perfect for pretty much any celebration known to man or woman! Some parties hosted in the past have been bachelorette parties, baby showers, work parties, team builders and one of our favorites, fundraising events. Get your go-to group together and book your own customized guided paint party. In-home paint parties are our favorite to help you host because we can ensure that everyone will have a blast in a comfortable, known environment while surrounded only by those that you know and trust! The best way to book your own paint and sip event is to go straight to the source. We will help you get your party booked ASAP. All you have to do is email us or contact us via our Facebook page and we'll take care of the rest. Email:
No matter if you’re planning a Bachelorette party, a kids birthday party, or a ‘just because’ get together, all you need is 6 painters to book your own private paint party.
We host painting parties in Blue Springs, Lees Summit, Kansas City metro area, Overland Park and everywhere in between! Part of the benefits of a mobile art studio is that we can travel just about anywhere. If you have a specific location in mind, please contact us, and we'll be able to let you know how to book your own Painting event.
If there is one thing for certain, over the past couple of years the legacy of Bob Ross has definitely grown - He is the one topic that gets brought up at every event! So to answer your question, yes! Instead of Bob Ross being on your TV teaching you, step by step how to create your own masterpiece, you'll have our trained artist standing right there with you to walk you through the whole process.
“I can't even draw a stick figure! Are you sure I can do this?” OF COURSE! You need no experience or art background to attend. Every step is taught by an educated and talented art instructor with many breaks throughout the class. Our intention is to take the fear out of the project. Art should be fun and that's exactly what the point of these parties are!
Our mobile art studio consists of all professional grade supplies that can be broken down and taken to any location. Sometimes a bigger studio environment can make some guests uncomfortable. It can be hard to try something new surrounded by many people that you've never met before, so we bring the art studio to you.
Because we specialize in private in-home parties we do not have a studio at this time. We do partner with many venues however, in Blue Springs, Lees Summit, Independence, Overland Park and many more to host countless different painting events. Visit our Facebook page to see the full list of our open paint and sip events.
Usually the first question to cross peoples mind when they hear ‘In-home paint party’ is “Is it messy?” or “I don't want paint to get all over my house.” Don't worry! We make sure that your house will stay paint free, well, except for the paint that may be there before we arrive. We bring plastic table cloths that can be put down on the floor or across your tables to make sure the mess will stay contained.
All you need to supply is a location and your guests! The location can be your home - we've set up painting parties in kitchens, living rooms, basements and garages. No matter the size, we can make our set up work in your home! Or you can always book your favorite restaurant or event space for us to paint at.
If you are hosting an in-home painting event, you and your guests can supply any type of food and beverages that you choose. One of the many benefits of being in your own home! If you are attending one of our public events we ask that you check with the venue that is hosting to see what is allowed to be brought.
The cost for our painting events are between $25 and $45 depending on which event you plan on attending. Price includes all the fun and everything you need to create a one-of-a-kind painting in a 2-hour period. (A funny and entertaining artist included too!)
No worries! You don’t need any art experience to enjoy painting with us. The artist will guide you step by step through the entire process. You’ll leave with a finished piece of art that YOU have created! Our classes are great for novice or experienced painters alike. We believe that it's more about having fun than being perfect.
A typical event with Art by JonnieRae is an event like no other. You will be instructed to paint a one-of-a-kind masterpiece in a super fun and judgmental free environment! The atmosphere is a representation of all of your wonderful guests! Expect to show up and have a blast- our first priority is to show you a GOOD TIME!
We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes before the class so that we can start painting at the designated time. This also allows you some extra time to get comfortable, visit with everyone and grab a plate of food or a drink beforehand!
If you are attending any of our events all you need to bring is yourself! We provide everything: paint, canvas, brush, apron and a fun artist to entertain you while you paint.
Although aprons will be provided, please dress accordingly. For example, white pants are not the best option at our paint parties. Which is such a bummer because if you can pull off white pants, by golly, you should wear them…just probably not on this particular night. Though it doesn't happen often, sometimes your neighbor might flick some paint on your new favorite shirt. So dress cute, dress like you normally would, just maybe avoid fancy and new.
You WILL! It’s our job to guide you through the whole process. Even if that means we spend a few minutes after class together, we promise that you'll leave with a finished painting you love!
We hope that you have enjoyed the experience of painting as much as you enjoy your very own painting. If there is a part of the process that you are struggling with, or a section of your painting that is bothering you, our instructor will always help to ensure you're happy!
Your painting will feel dry to the touch after about ½ hour and will be safe to transport by the end of our event. We have hair dryers to help with drying time also.
When booking a private Paint Party experience you’ll pay a small deposit to ensure that the date and time you'd like is secured. That deposit is refundable up until 4 weeks out from your chosen date. We understand that life happens though, so after that deadline you can always contact us about rescheduling!
We recommend that you be at least 6 years old (with a parent or guardian) to paint at one of our events. Our instructors are capable of teaching flexible instructions so that all ages can follow along and have a great time.
For our normal paint and sip classes we use 16” x 20” inch canvases. For special projects or by request, we may use other sizes or materials to paint on!
We have supplies for up to 50 people. We provide the paint, brushes, aprons, canvas, and step by step instructions. You can provide the location or work with us to find a location that fits your group's needs. Large group parties are great for fundraisers, team building, or corporate events!